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Basic rules for hiking - Choosing your route

Never undertake a tour which could be too much for you or your children. It is important to be sure footed. Plan your route Always plan every hike in advance. There are hiking maps to help you (available from Tourist Office), and mountain guides and other locals are always willing to advise you.


Be suitably dressed: hiking boots and rainwear are essential as the weather can change very quickly.

Don't throw stones

Do not kick or throw stones down hills. This can endanger other climbers.

Watch the clock

Always turn back in good time, in case of approaching bad weather or bad paths.

Keep to paths

Never leave the marked paths. Even slight grass slopes can be dangerous when wet,
not to mention the snow patches and glacier slopes.


In case of an emergency, Keep Calm. Try to call for help by waving pieces of clothing or calling. The injured person should remain on a visible site.

Let someone know

Let the hotel or a friend know where you are going, including route and approximate return time (in case of emergency).


Fruit, chocolate (for extra energy boost), dried fruit and something to drink.


Please take take your rubbish home with you.
Stick to these rules and you'll have a wonderful day out in the picturesque mountains that surround Westendorf.

Thank you and have a safe and enjoyable day out!!