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Fresh mountain air

You couldn't wish for a more relaxing holiday with fresh mountain air, breathtaking scenery, mountain walks through natures wild meadows, passing rippling streams, waterfalls and grazing animals. A combined mixture sure to make you forget your every day stress and woes.

Mountain biking

There are 500km of biking trails within easy reach of Westendorf. National coach Kurt Exenberger set up Austria`s first specialist mountain biking school which has a bike park nearby and have unrivaled knowledge of everything from quiet roads to adrenaline pumping single tracks across the mountains.
There are several outlets to rent bikes for your stay. Family cycles can be rented from the garage or Dieters in Westendorf or you can get a specialist top of the range from Kurt at the bikeacademy.
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Flugschule Westendorf - Bergliftstrasse 22, 6363 Westendorf

Organised Guided Mountain Walks

Join the tourist office programme from end of May until end September. Tourist office hiking.

Childrens World - Alpinolino - Discover the mountain

The little “Smart Alec“ at the Alpinolino Park welcomes kids when they get off the cable and guides them through the exciting Alpine scenery around the Choralpe, hidden are many a tricky puzzle. The motto: play, research and discover, a number of stations are positioned along an approx. 1.5 km circuit path. Children can test their senses of smell and taste, observe the marmots, measure their furthest jump or time a sprint. Experience all that and much more with your eyes, ears, nose and hands e.g. the biotope, rope bridge, tree house, adventure playground, bio bouncy castle etc.
Choralpe - one of the best vantage points in the Kitzbühel Alps.
When the children are having a good time so are the parents !!!!

Processions and Festivals

In summer there are many interesting and attractive sites to be seen with processions, festivals, farmers markets etc.


A site not to be missed is the "Almabtrieb" this is the day the cows and sheep are brough down from their summer pastures. The farmers and their helpers go up the night before and decorate the cows with head wear made from colourful streamers.